The first version of EU-Citizen.Science is now online! Join this European portal for citizen science and help us take it to the next level.

The online portal EU-Citizen.Science is for everyone who is interested in citizen science: citizens/the public, researchers, teachers, policy makers, civil society organisations, and many more – regardless of whether you are an expert or a newcomer to the field. The goal is for the portal to become a central resource and meeting point for citizen science in Europe.

In the first version of the portal, which was launched today, users can:

  • Search for citizen science projects and filter the search according to e.g. country or research area, such as biology, physics or social sciences.
  • Find tools, advice and guidelines on how to plan and carry out a citizen science project, and save these to a personal user profile.
  • Rate resources and share experiences of how they work in the field. 

Help build the portal

Are you, or have you been, coordinating citizen science projects, or do you know of useful tools and materials? Upload them to the portal, and contribute to building an active citizen science community in Europe! The next version of the portal will be released in the summer of 2020, and will feature a discussion forum and a new section for training materials.  

About citizen science

Citizen science is about researchers and members of the public working together to develop new scientific knowledge. Often citizen science projects are initiated by researchers who want to engage the public in collecting data (e.g. water samples), but the concept also includes initiatives by citizens or civil society organisations interested in exploring a certain issue with scientific methods.

Contact and more information 

Do you have suggestions for content or functions that you would like to see on the portal? We would love to hear from you!

To get in touch with the EU-Citizen.Science project management, please send an email to

If you would like to know more about ARCS’s work in the project,
please email
Fredrik Brounéus.

You can also follow EU-Citizen.Science on

Twitter: @EUCitSciProject
Facebook: @EUCitSciProject,
Instagram: @eucitsciproject

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